Planète Crocodiles – Civaut, France

Crocodiles are one of Arthur’s favourite animals at the moment so when we found a zoo park dedicated to them, right by where my parents live, we had to go. The park is in a huge dome kept at crocodile friendly hot and humid temperatures. The day we went, it was 38’ outside so we were absolutely dripping going around, but the sweaty backs were well worth it!

There are obviously lots of crocodiles and alligators, lying sleepily in their pools. They wake up pretty quick at feeding time though. Feeding times and talks are on throughout the day. These are in French only, but that doesn’t stop the kids from enjoying holding preserved crocodile heads and throwing different chunks of seafood in for the animals. They were thrilled watching them jump up for the fish. Arthur was in his element, going around reading all the facts and spouting all the ones he already knew.

The Planète is also home to lots of other reptiles. Our favourites were a giant snapping turtle, which Tom loved and who looked just like Godzilla, and the chameleons, one who was performing for his audience and changing to a bright red and blue. There is also a net walk above the crocodile pools which Arthur and Eirlys thought was fab. Plus they have a cafe which serves cold beer on tap so winning all round!

We weren’t sure how much Bertie would get out of the trip as he’s still a bit little. But he loved it! It was so cute watching him pointing and chatting to all the animals. Also because most of the dome is really accessible he could toddle around with us and we didn’t need to pick him to see everything or carry him up and down stairs.

We paid 50 Euros (Eirlys and Bertie were free). For a whole family we though that was a pretty good deal but it would be quite pricey if we were paying for all three kids. The dome is amazing and you could go around slowly, or twice, but it wouldn’t fill a whole day.

Watch our video here: Crocodile Video

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