Mini Scientists at Scitech

We have driven past Scitech a few times over the last year and every time we said we should visit. It is not advertised anywhere (as far as I can tell), always looks quiet when we drive past and no one had recommended it to us. So we sort of kept chickening out of going. Which is completely daft of course.

Finally we decided we really should go. I checked out the website before, as opening times in Saudi can be a bit varied: businesses (from shops to banks) close for prayer time and many places close for a couple of hours over lunch or only open in the evening. Scitech is only open to school groups until 4pm in the afternoon on weekdays. We got home from school, grabbed a snack and drove round the corner (it really is almost next door, only adding to the embarrassment of not going earlier).

The ticketing desk wasn’t open when we arrived but we were called over by some wonderful, polite and welcoming students who were running a 3D printer area. It was full of printers whirring and designs that had been brought to life. They proudly showed off what the printers could do. Arthur and Eirlys were thrilled with all the toys the they had made and even more impressed with the full size T-Rex skeleteon the students were part way through “printing”. The men even gave the children printed rings they had designed to take home. Scitech was off to a good start and we hadn’t even bought tickets!


The IMAX show Wild Africa was up next. We spent half an hour lying back in the cinema looking up at amazing scenes of elephants and crocodiles. Arthur and Eirlys were engrossed. Admittedly Tom did almost nod off, but we’ll put that down to the comfy recliners and a busy week at school!

Once the children started to get a little fidgety (they are still a bit small for a full-length film) we headed off to the exhibit rooms. We were distracted en-route by the IMAX film reel, which is exposed and visible from outside the auditorium. A great way to show off how films are recorded and played. We were a bit short on time as Arthur and Eirlys usually go to bed at 6pm, so we picked to do the Our Beautiful Seas, Earth and Space and The Living World rooms this time. Again, these were fantastically set up. Lots of buttons to push and interactive displays including an earthquake machine and aquariums. Lots of fun was had playing with a lightening machine, a sand dune creator and a sound machine.


It was getting late so we decided to head home. Arthur and Eirlys were not easily dragged away from the centre. But with lots of promises to return soon, we went outside for a quick look at the traditional dhows and headed back to the car.

An ideal way to spend time in Khobar, especially now the weather is getting too hot for outside play, I would definitely recommend a visit here. For anyone looking to go, check out their website first, which is full of useful information.


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